How to fix a frozen iPad screen

How to fix a frozen iPad screen

If you are an iPad user, then you probably have faced the iPad frozen issue at least once in your life. It is one of the most common and frustrating issues for many iPad users during their gaming or streaming hours.

Well, when it  comes to computers or tablets, one of the best ways to deal with it is time out. Put it down, walk away, and give it a few minutes to work out. Most of the time it seems to work out. But if luck isn’t on your side, don't worry we got you covered. In this blog, ‘How to fix a frozen iPad screen’, we’ll discuss the practical ways we can fix the iPad frozen issue. Before, we start with the iPad Repairs, let’s explore some of the possible reasons why the iPad freezes. An idea about why this happens might also save your iPad from freezing next time.             

iPad Is Frozen: The 3 Possible Reasons

Honestly, the list for my iPad is frozen will be a long one. But we’ve compiled a short list to help you out. Let’s take a look at them.

1.Insufficient memory

Yes, you read that right. Insufficient memory can cause freezing problems. Many people unintentionally fill their iPad’s internal storage without knowing that it will have an adverse effect on their iPad. Besides, apple offers numerous updates that take plenty of storage too. Insufficient internal storage ( less than 1GB ) is one of the main reasons behind iPad freeze.

2. Firmware is not up to date

When it comes to Apple and its products, you don't have to worry about updates. Apple is known for providing its users with continuous OS updates with patches. However, sometimes the users don't update the iPad to the latest firmware. Not updating firmware to its latest version is also one reason for the iPad freezing scenario.

3. Faulty or corrupt apps

Apple store is quite strict when it comes to security aspects. So, that your precious iPhone doesn't get any malware. However, if a corrupt device or an application can still be downloaded into your iPad that can freeze your device.

How to Fix the ‘My iPad Is Frozen’ Issue

Now, that you have an idea why iPad freezes, you better avoid these practices that contribute to the issue from happening again. But if your iPad is frozen, you can use the methods recommended to fix it quickly. 

1. Charge your iPad

Low battery is another reason why your iPad is locked or frozen. If you ever find yourself stuck with a frozen iPad, try to plug it into a charging outlet for some time and wait. The charging process can take up to 20 minutes before you can take the iPad to use. Also, make sure to keep your iPad on charge for the next hour if it fixes the freezing problem,

2 . Force restart the iPad

It is the most common step for all devices universally. Sometimes, a simple force restart can resolve minor software glitches that cause the iPad to freeze.

For iPad with Face ID - Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, quickly press and release the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

For older iPads with a Home button - Press and hold both the Home and Power buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Check that if the issue still persists or not.

3. Update/Restore iPad via iTunes

A frozen iPad issue can be fixed mainly through two methods: updating or restoring the device. You can choose either of these actions either from the "Settings" app or by using the iTunes app.

Updating and restoring are distinct processes, each with its own implications for resolving the frozen iPad problem. It's very important to understand that updating your iPad to the latest iPadOS version through the iTunes app is a much safer route. 

Sunce doesn't result in any data loss. 

However, keep in mind that restoring your iPad via the iTunes app in recovery mode can potentially lead to data loss if you don't have a comprehensive backup.

4. Turn off All the Running Apps

iPads can handle many apps at once because they have enough memory and power. But if your iPad is frozen, it might be because you have too many apps open. To unfreeze it, you can close all the open apps.

If you believe a specific app is causing the problem, you can close that app. Here's how you do it:

  • Double-click the home button.

  • When the multitasking panel appears, press and hold the freezing app, and tap the red and white minus symbol to close the app.

5. Reset All Settings

System setting changes also lead to freezing issues in iPads. If none of the above-mentioned tips is helping you with your freezing issue, you can try to reset the settings to factory defaults. It can be counted as one of the last tries to fix your problems. So, the steps to carry out a factory reset on your iPad are as follows.

  • Go to settings, and find the General tab.

  • Under the General tab, find the reset options, and click the reset all settings option, 

It will rest everything in your device to default settings. 

Keep in mind that trying DIY fixes on your iPad might cost you very big. Trust the trained and experienced technicians at Fix N’ Talk, the best iPad repairs Adelaide for your iPad needs.