Preventing iPhone 14 Damage: Essential Tips to Keep Your Device Safe

iPhone 14 : Key safety measures

In this ever-changing landscape of technology, iPhone 14 is a recent trend that stands as a marvel of sleek design and innovation in the digital world. As mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, iPhone has gained demand due to its features of security and brand value. With the massive use of mobile phones, the need to secure their longevity and functionality has also become an important matter of concern. Continue reading this blog, ‘Preventing iPhone 14 Damage: Essential Tips to Keep Your Phone Safe’ to understand more about smartphone care including strategies to keep your phone safe. Also, this blog explores the basic practices you must start to reduce damage to your iPhone to extend the lifespan of your prized possession. 

Common Ways That Your iPhone 14 Could Get Damaged

Mobile phones have become an unavoidable part of our lives today. In the everyday use of it, the chances to get it damaged are high. Now, let us look at the common ways by which your iPhone 14 could get damaged. 

  • Dropping your iPhone

  • Spilling liquids on your iPhone

  • Scratches on the surface of your iPhone 

  • Using harsh chemicals as cleansing agents

  • Leaving iPhones in vehicles

  • Exposing your iPhone to dust

Dropping Your iPhone

The chances of dropping your phone are much more in daily life. Even if you handle your phone with care, there still remains the chance to drop it. It can happen when you keep your phone on the edge of tables or shelves or when you got hit by someone on a walkway. When your iPhone is dropped on the floor, ground, road, or any other rough surface, its camera may get damaged severely, the screen may get cracked, internal elements may get damaged, or it may become unusable with several damages. 

Spilling Liquids on Your iPhone

People seem to be careless with the liquid spillage on iPhones as they are water-resistant. You shall keep in mind that it is water-resistant and not water-proof. Exposing your iPhone carelessly to liquids may result in causing rust and certain damages to its internal parts of it. It can make your iPhone unusable further. Thus, ensure that your phone is safe when you handle liquids.

Scratches on the Surface of Your iPhone

The screens of iPhone are scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. It gets scratched with time. The major reasons for scratches are keeping your iPhone on rough surfaces, placing sharp metallic objects like keys on it, or brushing the surface of your phone with a rough cloth or brush. 

Using Harsh Chemicals as Cleansing Agents

You may think of cleaning your iPhone’s screen with harsh chemicals which are used commonly in your households as a great option to maintain the cleanliness of the phone’s surface. But, this is a misunderstanding. Chemicals may lead to a reaction with the surface of the phone resulting in rusting or discolouration. Thus, you must ensure to clean the surface of your phone with a soft clean cloth dipped in water or in a mild solution. 

Leaving Iphones in Vehicles

You must be careful to avoid leaving your phones in cars or other vehicles when it is parked under direct sunlight. The temperature inside the vehicle may rise to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more in an hour. This may lead to severe damage like swollen batteries or melted internal parts. Next time, be careful to avoid keeping your phone in the vehicle when parking directly under sunlight. In case of emergency situations, ensure parking it in shades with windows open for airflow and optimised temperature. 

Exposing Your iPhone to Dust

Exposing your iPhone to dust or sand can cause severe impacts to the internal parts especially. Try avoiding the use of your phone in areas of dust or sand to prevent it from entering your phone. 

Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe

As iPhone has become a demanded device for safe and secure communication, it has become significant to ensure the safety and longevity of it in this technologically advanced world. Here is a basic guide that discusses the common damage that can happen to your iPhone and the preventive measures you can take in advance to keep your iPhone safe for a longer lifespan. If you come across any damage to your iPhone, don’t wait to visit our experts in iPhone repairs Adelaide

  • Phone cases with raised bezels

  • Clean hands and cloths

  • Avoid sharp objects in pockets

  • Use screen protectors

  • Get insurance for your phone

Phone Cases With Raised Bezels

For better grip and enhanced safety of your phones from scratches, it is advised to use phone cases. When you use phone cases with raised bezels, your phone will be benefited from additional protection. They act as a barrier when your phone is kept on rough surfaces or falls down accidentally from your hands. Phone cases with raised bezels are available in various designs, patterns, and colours; you can select them according to your interests and preferences. 

Clean Hands and clothes

Ensure to use clean hands and clothes before making contact it with your phone. Dirty hands can cause screen scratches and fingerprints which make your phone look unattractive and nasty for use. Thus, practice using soft dry clothes for cleaning the screen of your phone and make sure that your hands are clean while using your iPhone. 

Avoid Sharp Objects in Pockets

Most of you may belong to the category of people who keep their phones in their pocket when it is not in use. This is practised widely with the ease and comfortability of taking and keeping it back after every use. But, your pockets may also contain sharp objects like keys which may make scratches on your phone. Thus, you must be careful in trying to avoid sharp objects in your pockets to safeguard your phone and body at the same time. 

Use Screen Protectors

Using screen protectors is a best solution to protect the screen of your iPhone to an extent. It protects the original display of your phone from breakage and you can save money from the repair of the original display. If the screen of your iPhone 14 gets damaged, our experts in iPhone 14 repairs Adelaide are ready to fix it up. 

To sum up, iPhone is an ever-demanding brand in the mobile phone industry that ensure maximum safety and security for its customers. The physical damage caused to your iPhone 14 may make you heartbroken. Fix N’ Talk fixes all the damage of your iPhone and make it ready to use. Visit us at our phone repairs Adelaide for the best iPhone services.