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The following are the major issues that are associated with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Battery Drainage:

The issue of rapid battery drain for your iPhone 12 Pro Max can be a frustrating problem. This problem can be mitigated to an extent by keeping your iPhone 12 Pro Max updated with the latest version and managing background applications. You can also do simple practices like optimizing screen brightness and enabling low-power mode when needed to have better battery life. If this issue persists, reach out to us for a thorough check and resolution.

MagSafe Charging Woes:

As MagSafe charging was introduced with the iPhone 12 and Pro series for better charging possibilities, some users have reported occasional charging issues. Basically, this innovative technology is designed to make wireless charging more efficient, but sometimes, it is affected by misalignment or other such issues. Visit Fix N’ Talk to diagnose and address your potential MagSafe charging problems.

Connectivity Issue:

You may encounter occasional connectivity issues with your premium device, iPhone 12 Pro Max. To address Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity problems, first, ensure that your device is installed with the latest iOS updates and that the network settings of your device are configured correctly. You can also restart your device and reset network settings to resolve these issues. 

Face ID Detection Issues:

Face ID detection is one of the most prominent factors of iPhones. In certain cases, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has come up with face ID detection issues as its technology failed to work as expected. If you have come up with such issues, you may first that your face is visible and clear to the device. Cleaning the camera lens is the second tip and also ensure that there are no obstructions. If you still face such issues, update your device with the latest iOS update or visit us at Fix N’ Talk in Adelaide.